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Mask Mandate Lifted in Child Care Programs

March 1, 2022 - OCFS has released information about the mask mandate. Effective March 2, 2022 OCFS is no longer requiring that masks be worn in your child care program. You may continue to require masks and child children or staff should continue to be encouraged to wear a mask if they prefer to do so. 

The decision to end the child care mask requirement is based on several factors including greatly reduced COVID-19 case rates compared to the heights of the 221-2022 winter surge. 

Child care programs are strongly encouraged to review and strengthen all health and safety measures to compensate for the end of universal masking. 

With the absence of a universal mask requirement, there are still circumstances when masking should be used in child care programs, regardless of vaccination status. Click here for a full list and to read the entire letter from OCFS.